Xiaomi Smart Home Ecosystem

I’m going to try to explain how all the Xiaomi smart products work in the Xiaomi smart-home ecosystem we’re going to look at how these work and how you can set them up so I started off buying the Xiaomi air purifier earlier this summer this connects over Wi-Fi so you can control it with a mobile app which is great so you can turn it on when you’re in the taxi back home for example the show me home app also contains their mobile store so I was quickly ordering product at the products at the product you can kind of call it Xiaomi smart home invasion by now my coffee machine is turned on the moment I get out of bed in the morning when I get home after p.m.

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The door sensor automatically turns on the lights in the hall and as soon as I walk into the kitchen the living room with a bathroom the motion sensors there will tell the lights to turn on my air conditioner can automatically turn on when the temperature sensor notices that it’s too hot or too cold I’ve removed all the old power strips for new Xiaomi strips with fast charging USB ports I know where the plants need water because as the Xiaomi plan monitoring device and I can turn on the cooker when I’m on my way home and all of this can be controlled and set up from within a single app the Xiaomi me home app this app is like the mothership of all the Xiaomi devices as most of them can be controlled and automated to it I noticed there’s a lot of people wondering how these devices work and how you can set them up which is actually quite easy most of Isis work standalone where the switches and sensors do need to connect to a sort of a base station called the Gateway this gateway works as a hub for the switches and sensors but it can also function as a nightlight it can be set up to be your doorbell ring or alarm clock and home alarm and it even plays Chinese internet radio well if you wanted to that is you can easily install it by plugging it into a socket and setting it up through to Xiaomi home app the sensors and switches can then connects with a gateway and be used to control all kinds of devices how this is actually set up is quite simple all the switches and sensors communicate with the Gateway to their own network gateway itself is the only device in this group that is actually connected to your internet router any other shall be smart home devices can be connected to the router as well I receive commands from

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Both the sensors as well as the app true to app we can control all these devices instead of their automation this allows you to set up all kinds of rules and parameters in scene we could for example set up this door and the window sensor in our window and the program a rule that the air purifier needs to be turned off when the window is open let’s first look at all the different sensors and switches that Xiaomi has to offer at this moment the door a window sensor can perform a task when a door is open closed or when it’s open longer than a minute the light switch or doorbell unit can perform three tasks on a single click double click or long press it’s affordable device but it can be attached to a wall with the included double-sided tape the motion or human body sensor can perform a task when motion is detected or when no motion has been detected for a certain amount of time the cube is the most gimmicky one of the sensors it’s a controlling cube that can be programmed to perform six different types of tasks turning it 90 degrees 180 degrees shaking it tapping it on the surface moving it and pushing it or always to control your devices like I said it’s pretty much a gimmick but I actually use it quite often as it sits on my desk right in front of me I use it to turn on the AC by tapping it turning the lights on or off by turning it 90 degrees dim the lights by moving it forward turn on the air filter by shaking it etc the temperature sensor tells you what the temperature and humidity of your room inside the app it can also be used in conjunction with other devices to perform a certain task when a certain temperature or humidity is reached this brings me to the AC partner or AC control gateway this device can be plugged in the power socket where your AC is normally connected and connect your a/c with this gateway this is not just a Wi-Fi enabled power socket as they can actually fully control your AC over infrared and even monitor is actual power usage it also behaves as a base station and has much of that functionality it can act as your doorbell home security alarm and yes it also plays internet radio and then there’s also this built an electrical switch this light switch unit can be built into your wall and functions as a regular light switch with Wi-Fi making every light a smart light works as a regular analog light switch but it can also be controlled and programmed through the app and completely integrate in that smart home environment this can be great if you have existing lights you want to be able to control with the app and it also comes with a Wi-Fi only version of that switch this pretty much has the same functionality as the round switch that we just saw but then it’s got a different design all of these input devices kind of behave as an on-off switch and they’re pretty easy to setup first you got to make sure that you’ve got two Xiaomi app installed and that you’ve added the devices to the app you can go to my devices in the first step click the plus symbol in the right corner to add a new device then select the device from the list and input your Wi-Fi network name and password to set it up when you’ve added all your devices you can go to profile automation click on the plus symbol in the right corner to add a new task in the first row you can select a starting condition and in the second row what – needs to be performed when that condition is met so if starting condition could be that the sensor in my hall detects motion so I’m going to select that and I’m going to say that motion detected but I only want this to happen after so I’m going to right swipe on that and I can select a time period there I can set the time period at which I want this rule to be active so now in the list below I’m going to select the task that I wanted to run so I’m going to select my whole light and I’m going to say turn it on and I’m going to select the second hall light and turn that one on as well now I’m going to save it and that means that the from now on between five and one if motion is detected in the hall the lights will go on

Now I would add another rule so that if no motion is detected by that sensor after two minutes the lights will go off again you might need certain rules just to apply on weekends or just on Mondays for example we can also set that up under the time span and make these rules perfectly aligned with your personal preference as you could just see we can set up multiple tasks to run per rule including sending a notification to your phone or running a whole scene of different tasks at the same time most part of the app is translated to English but there are some small flaws here and there but for the majority of the home devices the translation is already there so what products the shell we have well shall be went all out over the last two years from their air purifiers water purifier smart Kendall robot vacuum cleaner rice cookers scale power socket remote controller you minify your webcam tasks phones earbud stickers bags and scarves clothes fitness trackers smartwatches dislikes like all power banks welders game controller TV box two notebooks that wave bikes the artifices a washing machine a plate a 500 Smart TV sets to wish oh and let’s not forget the Xiaomi drone believe it or not but it is far from everything they’ve launched over the last two years most of these products have either Wi-Fi or Bluetooth built in the shell my portfolio of smart home products is growing at lightning speed oh did I mention they’ve kept on releasing phones and tablets in the mean time as well almost at the same pace.