Xiaomi Mi Band 3 Price and Review

The Mi Band has been a runaway hit. One of the most popular fitness trackers in the world. Xiaomi has jumped on the opportunity and have created multiple versions of this product. The latest being the Mi Band 3. In this Mi Band 3 review, we cover the unboxing and all the finer details, that make this smart band a runaway hit.

Does Xiaomi have another hit with the Mi Band 3? Let’s find out.

Mi Band 3 Unboxing

Inside the Box

Inside the box, you get the Mi Band, the charger, the instruction manual. If you are wondering, if you can get colourful straps to add character to your band, you can purchase them for cheap online.

mi band 3 unboxing

Design and Display

The design of the band is pretty straight forward. It’s similar to the predecessor, except this time the screen is big. The LED screen is 0.78-inches big. This is an OLED display with capacitive touch capabilities. Coming to the design, you can’t expect anything beautiful or different as you are paying a very small amount and most of your amount goes towards with the features.

The display is larger and has better brightness compared to the Mi Band 2. This means, you can easily read notifications straight from your band. This behaves like a smart watch. The strap is 247mm long, this is pretty long and has more grooves than the Mi Band 2. So small wrists or big wrists, doesn’t matter. This is a smart band for every size.

The own down side to the display is the lack of control of brightness. You cannot adjust the brightness.

mi band 3 review

Best Price – $23.37


The Durability for the Mi Band 3 is astounding for the price. The strap as most of you can see is made of rubber and the body is made of plastic. Now, plastic might not seem like much, but this is, in fact, a very strong device that can take a few hits. The buckle for the strap is made of aluminium, which is one of the most durable materials out there.

For the price, this is one of the strongest devices out there.

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This has been a major worry for smartwatch and smartband buyers. Which band connects to what phone? With the Mi Band 3, you needn’t worry. The band connects with Apple iOS and also Android devices that are not made by Xiaomi. It takes a few seconds to connect it with your phone.

The connectivity happens through the Mi Fit App that is available in the Play Store as well as the App Store. After downloading the app, you can pair the devices and it gives you the option to add information such as age, height, weight and other details that are important.

You can also set-up the notification features such as alarms, call notifications, message notifications among other things.

One good feature is, you don’t have to have the band connected to your phone at all times. The features such as step counter and heart rate monitor will still work even without them. This also saves battery on your watch and on your phone.


Coming to the business end of the review. You want to know how the Mi Band 3 performs!

The Mi Band 3 gives you complete control. You can control the notifications and actions on your phones like calls and messages. This is a feature generally seen in premium smartwatches. There is also a find your phone feature with the Mi Band 3.

The heart rate monitor is a given in this smart band. It is pretty accurate. The band also tracks your sleep and gives you data on your REM sleep. If you want to use the band while workouts, it’s suggested to use the band along with your phone for more accurate data and information.

The alarm feature is a given, you can use the vibrate alarm feature for noiseless wake-up reminders.

Battery Life

The biggest concerns with most smart bands are the battery life. Is it good enough? The Mi Band 3 has the best battery life across smart bands and across smartwatches. There is no equivalent to this device. At 8 to 10 days, this is the best in the business. If you use the power apps such as bluetooth and heart tracking, then your battery life reduces considerably to 5 days. Even one week of straight use, it’s pretty good.

Final Thoughts

This is one of the best devices money can buy. What can this product not do? It has the features of a smartwatch, the build of a band and the pricing is ridiculously now. You need to jump in now!

Best Price – $23.37

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