• Throttle! – Struggling. – Careful!
  • There she goes. – I love the commentary. – You’re about to lose…
    (laughter) (loud screaming)
  • Oh! (electronic beeping) (sizzling) With new technology usually
    comes the controversy of new regulations. Are electric scooters
    really that dangerous? Should they be regulated? And if so, why? There’s been a huge spike in coverage when it comes to electric scooters from whether or not we should be
    using them for personal use. Should they be acceptable in
    major cities like New York as a ride sharing option? I personally don’t ride
    an electric scooter, but I know many people who do and I see them all the time on the West Side Highway in New York. I even know of one very famous YouTuber who lives in New York and
    loves electric scooters. – See you at the gate, bro. (loud crashing) – I’m actually a big fan. Making headlines this week
    is a study out of UCLA that attempted to quantify how
    many people actually come in for electric scooter injuries, in comparison to pedestrian
    and bicycle accidents. This is a first of it’s kind study, and while it’s not proving
    any kind of causation, it’s really interesting so
    let’s jump into those numbers. The study looked at two major ER centers in Southern California and found
    that over a one year period 249 people came in as a
    result of scooter accidents. Now the majority of these were
    the rider themselves, 92%. But here’s the scary statistic, only 4% of people were
    wearing helmets, 4%. That’s crazy, scooters travel pretty fast, 15-20 miles an hour, moving
    in the midst of traffic. How are you not wearing a helmet? If we dive further into the study, we find that 40% of these
    accidents involved head traumas, 32% involved fractures. Think about that, 70% of
    these injuries were serious. This begs the question, what should we be doing to
    regulate electric scooters so that we can decrease these accidents? Or what studies should we be preforming to see how dangerous
    scooters actually are? The companies that represent
    the scooter ride sharing apps are quick to jump in and point out that we don’t know how many
    people are riding scooters compared to bikes in this area, so maybe these are overestimated. I don’t think that’s the case. Granted, I don’t have
    evidence but my gut tells me that’s not the case. Look if something is moving very quickly in comparison to a bicycle or walking, the types of injuries that
    are gonna be happening are more severe, that’s only logical. The question is at what
    rate do they happen and when they happen, are they more severe than
    car accidents for example? New York Post recently
    had a quote in it saying, “That’s about one death for
    every 12.5 million miles ridden. “More than six times
    deadlier than driving.” Now I tried to figure out where they got those statistics from ’cause they sound really scary, but I would like more research
    to be done in this area. Because if that’s true,
    we should know about it. This isn’t to ban electric scooters or to discourage you
    totally from using them, it’s about knowing what the risks are, adjusting for those risks
    either through regulation or some personal methods,
    and then being smart. When you’re smart, that’s how
    you stay happy and healthy. (sharp breathing in) That was quick Wednesday checkup, why don’t we open some packages that you sent to my P.O. box. I’m excited. All right, we got something from Hungary. I’ve been there before. Oh my god, this is the book “Flow” that I recommended in my book
    that’s will change your life, but is this written… Is this in Hungarian? Did you try ordering for yourself and it accidentally came to me? (laughs) Okay I have a Hungarian friend I will definitely pass this book along. Thank you so much for this. (loud shaking) Ooh, this is from… Germany, from a person names Pia. I may or may not have some
    experience with that name. This feels like shoes. Oh! It is not shoes. “Hey, Doctor Mike, here it is
    your surprise from Germany, “a parcel filled with German candy. “Hope you’ll receive it before Christmas “since there are some
    Christmas candies in it.” My god, these look scary. They’re black candy. You know we’re unboxing
    this Kinder together. Oh but I can’t eat it ’cause I’m on keto. By the way keto’s going really well, I’m excited for your guys
    to see the final keto video. Okay, Kinder Egg, in Russia we used to eat
    Kinder Eggs all the time. (silent gasp) Okay, it’s a little bunny-looking thing. Oh! It’s a kangaroo, I think. (laughs) Uh? No reverse address, but pull tab.
    (paper ripping) Ooh, it’s wrapping inside wrapping. You really wanted to make
    sure this was gonna be safe. Oh my god, another wrap! Oh my god, how many wrappers
    did you put in this! Did you just wrap? Hold on a second, this
    is still continuing. You bubble wrapped it and then you regular wrapped in again. Oh my god, is it just wrapping paper? What is happening right now? Oh my god, more wrapping paper! Oh my god, more paper! (laughs) (paper crinkling) (laughing) What’s with the socks? Why do people think I need so many socks? A little tie action socks, that’s cute. I’ll wear these to work, I appreciate it. You did not need to kill
    400 trees to wrap this! Although I appreciate your sense of humor. This from North Carolina. It’s a shirt that says for female, but I guess it could be… This is adorable actually. I think that’s a Newfie.

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