electric scooter

Throttle! – Struggling. – Careful! There she goes. – I love the commentary. – You’re about to loseā€¦ (laughter) (loud screaming) Oh! (electronic beeping) (sizzling) With new technology usually comes the controversy of new regulations. Are electric scooters really that dangerous? Should they be regulated? And if so, why? There’s been a huge spike in … [Read more…]

Xiaomi Smart Home Ecosystem

xiaomi home ecosystem

I’m going to try to explain how all the Xiaomi smart products work in the Xiaomi smart-home ecosystem we’re going to look at how these work and how you can set them up so I started off buying the Xiaomi air purifier earlier this summer this connects over Wi-Fi so you can control it with … [Read more…]

Hi My name is Robb Roy

I am consumer electronic fanatic. Here at my blog, I will write about reviews that are so awesome that you will move your mouse and start clicking on the affiliate links and buy on impulse. I love to review various phone models from Apple, Samsung, Blackberry to china made ones like Oppo, One Plus One, … [Read more…]